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We knew long ago the benefits of a CNC...

But making a purchase was easier said than done. Discerning our needs and wading through the available options made for an arduous journey. While we continue to learn something new every day about CNC technology and its capabilities, we are here to share our experiences with you.

We hope our CNC experience will simplify your pursuit of purchasing and working with one.

In the hope of advancing your experience with a CNC, we offer by-appointment demonstrations and training. These one-on-one meetings will significantly improve your understanding as you get the opportunity to “kick the tires” of one of our machines!

What to expect from a Training Demonstration


Test drive one of our CNC machines:

cnc software

We’ll demonstrate the software that works for us:

cnc machine

Find out about CNC peripherals:

Michael is a master at design and execution. The quality of his work is second to none and he is able to create pieces that most shops simply could not do. He is also a gifted teacher. I have worked with CNC for nearly 30 years, yet I was mesmerized as he demonstrated how he uses SketchUp and CabinetSense along with V Carve Pro or Aspire to design custom cabinets and then fabricate the parts on his CNC.

Tracy Anderson

Legacy Woodworking Machinery

I have collaborated with Michael for over 25 years and he always manages to bring his skill and creativity to every unique project. Michael is the person I think of immediately when I am working with a high-end client who appreciates fine detail and meticulous craftsmanship. Michael's ability to take a project from design conception to finish perfection is a rare talent.

Randi Armstrong

Randi Armstrong Interior Design

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